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Friday September 04th 2009, 1:48 am

(August 14) A couple of weeks ago, I’d figured to save time by walking to my customer one stop away on the local 6 train from the express 6 I’d gotten off of at Hunt’s Point Ave. It turned out to be a terrible mistake from that perspective, but I decided to go back with my camera, which I strangely hadn’t brought with me on the previous occasion.

You can see the footbridge, which turned out to be the focus of the traveling I needed to do.

the obelisk
No, the obelisk isn’t peeing, it’s a fountain.

right side of the bronx river
Walking back toward the footbridge, I passed over the Bronx River on another bridge.

left side of the bronx river
There’s several views here I don’t get from where I usually cross this river.

bronx river bank
You can see the sky reflecting off the water.

in the bronx it's a skewl of fish
Down in the water, there were thousands of fish.

This was the small blob.

huge blob o'fish
That’s not an oil slick, that’s a lot of fish down there.

rail spur
Still in use from the looks of it.

grate not so great
This one is a serious view-buster

make a note of the many-colored building
Wherever there’s train tracks, there will be tagging, which pre-dates the Intertubes.

someone's rails to somewhere
Viza informs me these are Amtrak’s tracks.

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