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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Monday November 16th 2009, 11:16 pm
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October ends, and my 10 day countdown begins.

it's a sign... and a sign
This sign is what my new business idea is about.

Empire State Building from Bushwick
I dropped in on Lindsey and Rachel.

Joe's ATM
Joe’s ATM. Reminds me of the old joke “Would you trust your money with Joe’s Bank?
Someone from the bar this was outside of freaked and wanted to know why I was taking pictures.

There’s always something new on President St.

They’re doing a lot of work here at the Jefferson stop on the L

I’ll note though that all for all the work they do, they’re just replicating a 100 year old system that should have been replaced long ago. It’s the finest early 1900’s technology created today.

That’s a mighty bold claim. I wonder if that’s gone unchallenged.

early christmas
When I took this, I was going to note how ridiculously early the Christmas decorations were.
Then, like with Joe’s ATM I got chased down by some guy who said it was his business and demanded to know why I was taking pictures. When I told him, he sheepishly said “Oh, they’re still up from last year.”