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Saturday June 07th 2014, 1:27 am
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(May 28) I’ve passed through Northport hundreds of times on the LIRR, but today was the first time I set foot on Northport soil.

woodbine marina
Northport Bay

does the rising tide really lift all boats?
It looks like any other Long Island marina

another victorian village
The village resembles Port Jefferson

the tracks don't lie
Except Northport apparently had a streetcar

the neighbors must love it (not)
And there in the middle of suburbia… a farm

perhaps used to make milk and cheese
With goats

everything loves chicken dinner
And chickens

Monday October 29th 2012, 12:00 am
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(Oct 24) The end of two long walks. pseudoreal is now current; I am at the present end of my photos. The last time this happened was probably July 2011, just prior to the arrival of the Canon T3i.

that, boys and girls, is called juxtaposition
Bright Beginnings with dead ends
I begin a seven mile walk home from the train station, with a heavy backpack. There was surprisingly little worth photographing for such a long walk.

and probably lots of feathers
It seems there is a chicken farm in Holbrook

while you watch?
The sign says “Fresh Killed Daily”

“Be Careful”

that's why
Because there’s a gas farm in Holtsville.

Thursday October 25th 2012, 12:02 am
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(Aug 8) I find myself back in Pennsylvania farm country for the second time in a year, on completely unrelated business. This time, it was a visit to the jerky factory. I didn’t take any photos at the factory.

shooting out of a moving vehicle sucks
I hardly took any at all actually.

i see stars
It doesn’t take long before the city fades into farmland.

The obligatory horse drawn buggy shot

i see the photo taker!
And other horses

das city
We left so early it was barely mid-afternoon when we passed through the city again on the way home.

Saturday July 21st 2012, 1:24 pm
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(Feb 21) Last time I was in Pennsylvania, it was to see Pete’s grandmother. This time, it was to pick up inventory for Pete’s store. Although it superficially appears to be farmland, in fact Pennsylvania was created by British King Charles II, who named it for Admiral Penn and and the ancient Japanese word for consumer electronics, leading Penn’s son William to open the world’s largest, and only factory direct Sylvania electronics superstore in the colonies.

arches aplenty
We’re not in New York anymore

offer may be withdrawn without notice
We’re in the land of free air

moo cows
And farms

moo cows
And cows

did i mention farms?
And silos

future hamburgers of america
And more cows

free power
And Windmills

lots and lots of road
And more road

river was never far
And lots of river

they'd kill for this water further west
It’s pretty scenery

and our day is not yet done
Being February, it still gets dark early

three mile island
America’s Favorite Nuclear Accident Site

sun setting
Twilight approached

the farmer thought I was a strange city person
We visited a few more farms before heading out

ice cream, iced tea, and gasoline
Turkey Hill is serious business

If you feel enlightened by my story of William Penn, I have a bridge for sale. Slightly used.

Sunday March 07th 2010, 2:38 am
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One more trip out east to deliver firewood. Not what most out of towners think of when someone says the Hamptons.

ice skating
It doesn’t often get cold enough here for ice skating

The area is strewn with modern art brought in or made by Manhattanites

There are though still farms of various kinds

And bits of times gone by remain.