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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Thursday March 20th 2014, 10:58 pm
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(Mar 11) Had a meeting in Park Slope, so I wandered through the old ‘hood. The closer I got to my old home though, the more I thought about wheeling Billy to the animal hospital to die.

when i moved here, i was told it was park slope
Welcome to SuperFund site, Gowanus

but don't look beyond this narrow slice
This view is about the only thing that hasn’t changed

but there were no bars on the windows, wtf
I lived here in the apartment on the right, for four years

otherwise, i remember this view well
The tiles on the floor are new

other than the tribute in light
The WTC view is quite new

I have no idea what this thing is

and it's changing again
This place was never not changing.

i just like taking pictures of water towers
This is more or less the same

hard to reach, but generally doesn't stop anyone
I’m surprised no one painted over “Open Your Eyes”

but the paint indeed never was wet
This is funny because the bridge was always covered in “WET PAINT” signs.

looks like it may have changed hands again
This place had been sold shortly before I left

now there's a foundry!
When I left, there were no robots.

Thursday January 21st 2010, 1:15 am
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I left Brooklyn early in the morning on November 9, pushing my granny cart with my mop, bucket, and various items up and down the subway stairs, through Williamsburg, and back to the LIRR, before pushing it another mile down the road to my new location. It was a difficult end to my four years in Gowanus.

I cleared out from one end to the other.

living room
I’m going to miss this place. There’s a lot of good memories associated with it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have left the building.

Sunday January 03rd 2010, 2:09 am
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November began with nine days left on the lease at my Carroll St. apartment.

root canal, fun fun
Root canal, visit one of five. Tony said “pics or it didn’t happen.”

It’s hard to see, but that’s a rooster, full of peppers.

Hai. Pull me over plz.
Nice plate. I wonder if the cops are amused.

Ronkonkoma station, the bus stop as well
Back from the dentist, and off to paint “next apartment.”

Ronkonkoma station, LIRR
Painting done, returning to Brooklyn.

Eagle Clothes sign
I finally got a good shot of this. I never realized it was down the block from me.

Carroll St. station
The end is very very near now.

Sunday May 10th 2009, 5:39 pm
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Another thinking tour. My return to the Brooklyn Bridge. Didn’t come up with any good ideas.

china ownz us
This journey began in Chinatown, on Canal St.

While talking to Tony, I ran into this metaphor for our financial system

The Temple of Daniel

no thanks
Sushi, Blimpie, Pizza, and Pasta. Ohhhh kay!

red and white
Thanks to the Empire State Building, it’s a little different every time I’m here.

Brooklyn. The Bridge.

people, some real, one not
I wandered back down Smith St., past this illusion

it's never really dark in brooklyn
And then along Carroll, back to pseudoreal headquarters.

Wednesday May 06th 2009, 4:19 am
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Monday. Back out to Port Jeff, then Back to Brooklyn, and then…

pacific st.
The last trip of a long day begins.

it's her world, they just play in it
Who’s in the way?

She’s the queen of the apartment.

carroll st.
And home again.