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Saturday June 07th 2014, 1:27 am
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(May 28) I’ve passed through Northport hundreds of times on the LIRR, but today was the first time I set foot on Northport soil.

woodbine marina
Northport Bay

does the rising tide really lift all boats?
It looks like any other Long Island marina

another victorian village
The village resembles Port Jefferson

the tracks don't lie
Except Northport apparently had a streetcar

the neighbors must love it (not)
And there in the middle of suburbia… a farm

perhaps used to make milk and cheese
With goats

everything loves chicken dinner
And chickens

Thursday May 27th 2010, 6:19 am
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I dropped in on Lindsay for a quick visit. She asked how Larry is, and who knows him as Viza.

Poor Lindsay moves so often, I can’t keep track of which stop to get off at. Unfortunately, this wasn’t it.

Monday November 16th 2009, 11:16 pm
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October ends, and my 10 day countdown begins.

it's a sign... and a sign
This sign is what my new business idea is about.

Empire State Building from Bushwick
I dropped in on Lindsey and Rachel.

Joe's ATM
Joe’s ATM. Reminds me of the old joke “Would you trust your money with Joe’s Bank?
Someone from the bar this was outside of freaked and wanted to know why I was taking pictures.

There’s always something new on President St.

They’re doing a lot of work here at the Jefferson stop on the L

I’ll note though that all for all the work they do, they’re just replicating a 100 year old system that should have been replaced long ago. It’s the finest early 1900’s technology created today.

That’s a mighty bold claim. I wonder if that’s gone unchallenged.

early christmas
When I took this, I was going to note how ridiculously early the Christmas decorations were.
Then, like with Joe’s ATM I got chased down by some guy who said it was his business and demanded to know why I was taking pictures. When I told him, he sheepishly said “Oh, they’re still up from last year.”

Wednesday September 09th 2009, 12:00 am
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(August 14) And finally… the footbridge.

bruckner footbridge
The approach

Amtrak rolls like that here.

under and over the highways
Looking ahead

nuts and bolts
The stuff bridges are made of

bruckner traffic
This bridge crosses just about everything except the water.
Had it been further back, it would have crossed that as well.

uninspired graffitti
Looking back

bridge stairs
And down the other side. I found these steps particularly difficult to climb because of their layout.

this message brought to you by the robots of puerto rico
Nobody expects robots in the Bronx.

catching rays
The outside of the Hunts Point Ave. 6 Station.

fancy subway exterior hides the crappy interior
They should have spent more money on the inside of the station instead of the outside.

hoe ave.
Who you callin a hoe?

Friday September 04th 2009, 1:48 am
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(August 14) A couple of weeks ago, I’d figured to save time by walking to my customer one stop away on the local 6 train from the express 6 I’d gotten off of at Hunt’s Point Ave. It turned out to be a terrible mistake from that perspective, but I decided to go back with my camera, which I strangely hadn’t brought with me on the previous occasion.

You can see the footbridge, which turned out to be the focus of the traveling I needed to do.

the obelisk
No, the obelisk isn’t peeing, it’s a fountain.

right side of the bronx river
Walking back toward the footbridge, I passed over the Bronx River on another bridge.

left side of the bronx river
There’s several views here I don’t get from where I usually cross this river.

bronx river bank
You can see the sky reflecting off the water.

in the bronx it's a skewl of fish
Down in the water, there were thousands of fish.

This was the small blob.

huge blob o'fish
That’s not an oil slick, that’s a lot of fish down there.

rail spur
Still in use from the looks of it.

grate not so great
This one is a serious view-buster

make a note of the many-colored building
Wherever there’s train tracks, there will be tagging, which pre-dates the Intertubes.

someone's rails to somewhere
Viza informs me these are Amtrak’s tracks.