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Tuesday October 20th 2015, 12:01 am
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(Sep 23) I do this almost nightly again. Out to the highway, and back again.

perfectly normal
He’s pushing a grill down the street at 10PM

sad, if not so unusual
My detective skills inform me that it flew into the supermarket window

the pills of ruin
A sign of our times

dave thomas is rolling over in his grave
Indeed my experience lately has been that Wendy’s is only good for throwing into the street

Friday August 22nd 2014, 9:50 pm
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(Jul 9) To kill some time before dinner with Preed, I finally returned to Roosevelt Island.

modern dinosaur
Out on Long Island, What is this scary thing?

awaiting a hotel no one wants
Destruction complete

its residents shipped off to a vastly suckier location
Over to Roosevelt Island, the shell of Coler-Goldwater Hospital

a total ghost town
Typical of work done by large contractors,

hurry up and do nothing
It’s the middle of the day, and no work in sight taking place

i saw a total of *one* vehicle behind the fence
This is why it’s going to take years,

what's the hurry, right?
Everything takes forever when you’re not actually doing anything.

cheaper than doing the right thing though
All this blocked off for the convenience of the construction that’s not taking place

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Wednesday June 11th 2014, 12:00 am
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(May 29) Attempts to return to Brooklyn continue to be frustrated.

it does not bend enough in my direction
Is this the arc of change?

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Sunday June 01st 2014, 7:23 pm
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(May 21) As soon as I saw Prime Ave, I knew I was back in the old hood. I lost my mainframe virginity in that neighborhood.

i've been here before, many times
I didn’t recognize the area, just the sign

fountains are all full of dirty water, did you know?
We used to come here to de-stress from writing code, at lunchtime

"the world's war"
Always interesting to note WWI plaques always assumed there’d only be one world war

quiet, tranquil
It’s like a little oasis

a nice place to eat a sandwich
It’s surprising how much I don’t remember about the place

they weep
But the willows, those I remember

aviation's public enemy number one
This place is geesey

robber barony
These Long Island stone bridges are of a certain era

soon to be targeted for extermination
These are apparently an invasive species

hecksher park
But now we’ve pretty much seen it all

dear park, have your people call my people and set that up
Time to go. Shall we do it again in another 25 years?

both buildings used to be painted robin's egg blue
And finally, we arrive at the place of my former employment. The data center was where “Elite Sports Performance” is now. You entered through the two-story building to the left.

Saturday May 31st 2014, 1:03 pm
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(May 19) I finally set foot on Staten Island. For a funeral. Is there a message in that?

yay corruption
But first, in Port Jefferson a project that should have taken a month or two if you’re feeling generous is now well into its second year of snarling traffic for miles day and night. The entire Empire State Building, including demolition only took as long as this roadwork has so far.

clove lakes park
On Staten Island, down the block from the funeral, there is a park.

but the squirrels, i found
I didn’t have time to actually find the lakes in Clove Lakes Park, but the map says they’re there.

they close at night
I guess Star Of Bethlehem grows wild

oh what a bad shave job
A jogger complimented my tie. I think I was flirted with.

they're all over it
The birds love this place

these grow wild in the city too
In case you forget you’re in New York City, here’s a fire hydrant, to shatter the illusion.

through the bus window
How do you know it’s not a good day? I’m riding a city bus and paying $6 to do it

toward brooklyn
Unfortunately, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is not a walkable bridge