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Monday October 26th 2009, 2:26 pm
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And into October, my last month in Brooklyn for now…

steel drums
This guy wasn’t annoying. That’s pretty good praise in regard to subway musicians. In theory some entertainment down there should be a good thing, but really, it’s not.

I’d been thinking about him again a lot, due to my impending move.

It really was been all about him for a long time.

zombie sign
This does not constitute proof that crazy sign person is not in fact, a zombie

smith st.
Smith St. and I go way back. I used to pick up shampoo for my boss at the salon 2 doors down back in another life.

yay for terrorist threat alerts
Since the subway system has been crawling with cops, it didn’t surprise me to see the mystery machine turned on at Union Square. I gather it sniffs the air for something, but that’s about all I know.

walnut log
Then back out to the sawmill for a day to turn this walnut log into boards

trimming or art?
This reminds me of this

walnut boards
Unfortunately a big part of the log had been ruined by carpenter ants

I finally got a good shot here on a swing through Park Slope.

Sunday September 27th 2009, 3:57 am
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September has been something to endure. And that’s being cheerful about it.

president st.
When the gate’s open, I step in for a few shots.

I keep meaning to just ask someone if I can come in.

union st.
I’d like to get shots of all of it before I move.

union st.
Crazy Sign Person went into re-runs.

the marigolds of memory
I remember when summer meant marigolds

and so is the bank
Speaking of memory, the night depository is a relic now, right?

apple on the sidewalk
Returning from the bank in the early morning, I saw an apple on the sidewalk.

apples on the tree
I looked up.

water supply sampling station
Then I went out to Port Jefferson. I always walk to the LIRR now as well. My legs are cheaper and still more reliable than the subway.

raindrops on the train window
It rained. It was apropos.

train window on the raindrops
Wet. Scattered. Metaphor.

Down the drain and on the street.

hiring soon!
Hot Pink. Not the ideal way to keep Victoria’s Secret.

Monday July 13th 2009, 11:11 pm
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(June 13) Park Slope. I see gay people!

pride flag
People were supposed to throw change into the flag.

we'll see about that
Love triumphs over all?

so very many politicians
I see politicians!

but who knows where that bear has been

cheer ny
I saw acrobatics!

fire flags
I wish I could remember who these guys were.

brooklyn waits for no one
The city wastes no time cleaning up. Traffic was right behind the street sweepers.

Friday July 10th 2009, 12:51 am
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The non-event parts of June.

union st. sign of strangeness
The strange sign person was feelin groovy.

the tweets of uselesness
Twitter was completely useless. Before Iran at least.

gravy ingredients
There was “gravy”.

the urinwall
This still claimed not to be a urinal. The evidence still claimed otherwise.

sad sad url
There was URL fail.

you smell the honeysuckle before you see it
There was honeysuckle in Port Jefferson.

nobody expects the empire state building!
There was an unexpected local view of the Empire State Building.

lirr flatbush ave. station
There were many trips to Port Jefferson to do nasty work.

Saturday April 11th 2009, 4:42 pm
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This was a long week, but I have little to show for it.

Arriving in Port Jefferson …

they're yeller, I say!
There’s always something randomly blooming

… which became PJ Horsefeathers, which became The Bada Bing, which has become The Riff

the cars, not just a band
… Then back to Brooklyn, and off to the bank to deposit a check.

popeye is a bottom?
Ok, this place is getting weirder.