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Wednesday March 21st 2012, 8:12 pm
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(Sep 11) It is past 9 PM on a Sunday night. I head into the city with the ubercamera for a familiar journey. I really don’t know much about how to use the camera still at this point (and still don’t), but I got some good results. Again, this may be the last time they do The Lights, and the neighbors must absolutely hate the installation. So, although I have to move in a couple of days, I get on the train.

the journey begins
Brooklyn Bridge, 1:15 AM. That brightness in the distance turned out to be The Tribute In Light.

Not only did the clouds defile the view, so did the contractor working on the bridge.

aimed in the direction of the statue of liberty
Despite these unfortunate circumstances, the ubercamera remained uber.

the lady herself
Oh how far my new camera has come from the others.

but there in the distance
At this point, I still wasn’t quite sure they were even on.

A look around… Downtown.

Midtown, Manhattan Bridge, Empire State and Chrysler Buildings. The top of the ESB is in the cloud cover.

for reals
There it is.

obscuration. didn't know it was a real word until i looked it up.
The clouds were unfortunate, to say the least.

imo, more meaningful than the official tributes
Tributes to the dead.

and the area creepily touristy about nine-eleveny
The new station. It is a big yawn, and no longer opens in a convenient spot (for me).

everything is for a reason
I wonder what that’s lit for.

maybe in this same location?
I do some version of this shot every time.

looks like smoke, right?
Phaser attack?

trinity church
This was the only decent shot out of a dozen in this same spot, which I’ve used in the past.

almost there now
One more “it looks like it’s coming from the building” shot.

the source
This one really is coming from the top of the building. This is the parking garage the installation sits atop.

the embarrassing 'freedom tower' is the name no more
The Lights are not actually at the World Trade Center. There, down the block, is the new One World Trade Center.

they're kind of awesome up close
Up close, and personal.

i took about 300 photos
I don’t like this shot so much, but it is the last one I took for the evening, and thus possibly the last one I’ll take of the Tribute In Light.

Wednesday May 25th 2011, 12:56 am
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(April 20) As has been my way since moving back to Long Island, I walked to IBM from Penn Station round-trip. I don’t feel I’m getting $4.50 worth of transportation to go only twenty three blocks north and four or five blocks east and back again. (In May I did Penn Station to 84th and back for a total of one hundred blocks north-south and one east-west)

walter's building
I’ve been trying to vary my route to take in new sights,
but the classics cannot be denied.

the clear skies are spotty
I wish my camera were as spotless as the view

bye bye ibm?
I need to do better than this. June might be my last time here.

there's a graph for everything!
This Deployinator thing is very popular

Monday December 20th 2010, 2:18 am
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(October 31) Went to see Ruth. The host had a doorman this time. I walked the 40 blocks to save $4.50, and none of the return trains took tickets, so the total cost of the trip… $10.75.


And somehow

Here I am again

Taking pictures

of the Empire State Building

and the Chrysler Building

Like so many times before.

But this is new (to me)… presumably not named after the gay alien on American Dad

Saturday August 08th 2009, 10:30 pm
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(July 14) I decided to walk to Williamsburg over the bridge, at sunset.

delancey st.
I decided to start in Manhattan, so I took the subway to Delancey.

toward the williamsburg bridge
It puts you about a block from the bridge walkway.

the esb
A common sight on this site.

surrounding neighborhood
One of my favorite things about walking the bridges is the view of the neighborhoods.

across the river, toward billyburg
The view of Brooklyn in the distance.

the cage of boo!
Unfortunately, much of the view is defaced by this chicken coop.

spiral staircase
I wouldn’t mind taking photos from that staircase.

fdr drive
The Fucking Disaster Road Drive.

williamsburg bridge
Looking up at the bridge.

Saturday June 20th 2009, 9:57 pm
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(May 31) Went back out to take in the event known as Manhattanhenge.

playground and bridge
I found the magic spot!

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.

manhattanhenge crowd
A small crowd gathered here at the bridge over 42nd St.

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.
Back down at street level, slightly after the event

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.
There’s a good view of the Chrysler Building here

manhattanhenge on 42nd st.
And then it was over, until July.