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Monday October 29th 2012, 12:00 am
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(Oct 24) The end of two long walks. pseudoreal is now current; I am at the present end of my photos. The last time this happened was probably July 2011, just prior to the arrival of the Canon T3i.

that, boys and girls, is called juxtaposition
Bright Beginnings with dead ends
I begin a seven mile walk home from the train station, with a heavy backpack. There was surprisingly little worth photographing for such a long walk.

and probably lots of feathers
It seems there is a chicken farm in Holbrook

while you watch?
The sign says “Fresh Killed Daily”

“Be Careful”

that's why
Because there’s a gas farm in Holtsville.

Sunday October 28th 2012, 3:13 am
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(Oct 6) preed came to town, his first visit since 2007. I didn’t get to spend enough time with him the last time because Billy had just begun his death spiral. This time Paul probably saw more than enough of me. This is that story. <insert Law & Order sound here />

welcome back to new york
Paul came to town

big. metal. earth.
He stayed in the Columbus Circle area

The crazy people were there to greet us

i finally held an event at the atrium
He gave a talk at the Wall St. Atrium

viza identified the deli from the photo of the food
We had lunch at Katz’s. The live entertainment was a family that repeatedly left their baby unattended at the table where it sucked on a mustard bottle.

the future rudolph guiliani bridge
We walked to Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge

eventually to be renamed the mario cuomo bridge
Then walked back to Manhattan across the Manhattan Bridge

where many things are for sale
We made landfall in Chinatown.

mugged in ny, high tech style
Someone in the Bronx who works at the Irish bar he ate at cloned his card to buy a $1000 phone.

Friday October 26th 2012, 12:02 am
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(Sep 5) Not much of note. The harvest of the garden is just about over.

soon to be sauce
Roma tomatoes

Not cooking them…

that's how you peel a tomato
blanching them

but i did take this photo
I didn’t grow this mushroom

conjoined shrooms
I meant, this mutant mushroom

ladies and gentlemen, the two-headed mushroom
It was too weird to eat

and now for something completely different
A mound of dirt

Gee, I wonder why it feels like all I do is cook lately?

no really, they <3 these brussels sprouts
These have surprisingly been a huge hit

Thursday October 25th 2012, 12:02 am
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(Aug 8) I find myself back in Pennsylvania farm country for the second time in a year, on completely unrelated business. This time, it was a visit to the jerky factory. I didn’t take any photos at the factory.

shooting out of a moving vehicle sucks
I hardly took any at all actually.

i see stars
It doesn’t take long before the city fades into farmland.

The obligatory horse drawn buggy shot

i see the photo taker!
And other horses

das city
We left so early it was barely mid-afternoon when we passed through the city again on the way home.

Wednesday October 17th 2012, 12:26 am
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(Aug 1) The second half of my trip from downtown to Penn Station.

dog urinal
The suburban hydrants are all painted yellow. I like this better.

i love it not
Even the buildings want to be loved

birds are evil dinosaur progeny
How inviting

damaged, though
This undoubtedly is a Jim Power mosaic.

grace church
When these churches went up, they were probably the tallest things around. Today, they seem small indeed.

creepy, yo
Patriotism meets Halloween

this is what amazon.com eats
A relic that will doubtless soon be gone

get your super-expensive produce here!
Passing through the farmer’s market

it sure is shiny though
The statue of Andy Warhol for no apparent reason

no longer the tallest in the city though
Empire, revealed

city rats don't hang out and chill
What have we here?

i wonder who's behind it?
The hoax of the day

but it's cheap to feed
This faux rat probably ended the day stolen

Then back to the land of ‘meh’