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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Wednesday April 01st 2015, 12:00 am
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(Mar 2) Ice, Ice, Baby.

the planters and benches are gone
This is one way to get rid of the homeless, I guess.

phone camera
Galaxy S5 Camera

Canon T3i

eye sickle
As we say on the Internet, freezing cold is cold.

stair beam
At least the bus is warm

Thursday September 26th 2013, 12:00 am
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(Sep 12) The touchstone of the year for me, has turned out to be whether or not I got into the city to photograph the Tribute in Light with the ubercamera. This isn’t the first trip the camera has made for this purpose, but the weather was uncooperative last time. I would have considered this a failure to execute, had I not made it in, or if I’d returned with the same photos as before.

but... but... but it's only 30% fraud!
It is a poor substitute for what was lost. It isn’t really even as tall as the old One World Trade Center was, but it lacks the gravity of the Twins, and pretends to be much taller than the Twins were. Sadly, New York’s new signature building is a poseur.

unappreciated in their time
Reminders of the true giants that stood in the neighborhood.

though it is quite a sight up close
Viza is right, the effect wears off over time. For me it’s the point of doing it, more than seeing it.

moving on
Odds are, I’ll never be walking around in this specific location again.

the symbol of a time of lowered expectations
The symbol of our era of decline. Less than half of what there used to be where you can see it, everything else close to ground.

and the stars
Once we reached for the sun,

coming back down

all light, but no substance
We just fake it.

To be continued one more time…

Friday July 20th 2012, 10:57 pm
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(Feb 21) One last trek through the old hood. I think I was going to the post office.

evidence of skaters
I wonder who this belongs to?

it ends literally at the beach
Looking down (north) Main Street

it lights the woodchips
The strange glowing ground

the past is gated
I’ve walked those steps many times in the past

up and away
Looking up (south) Main Street

Wednesday July 11th 2012, 3:12 am
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(Jan 8) Suddenly, nothing happened. I am still in Port Jefferson, apparently for the year. But it doesn’t feel like home either.

There’s been a fire

it wasn't a residence, whatever it was
I don’t really remember what was here.

Through the woods

Past the train yard

for now
Toward where I sleep

Sunday September 04th 2011, 1:13 am
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(Aug 13) A newer (better) camera is for me, an opportunity to re-visit and re-photograph places I’ve been before. I think there’s value in it to see not just the (I hope) improved photographs, but the changes from time.

train: in
First stop, Port Jeff train station. Why? I don’t know.
But it seems fitting the journey would begin in Port Jefferson.

train: out
Which for the Port Jefferson Branch is…

new camera, new aspect ratio
… the end of the line

last wisps of light disappear in the west
These train bridges are one of the few high places out here I have access to

it feels old to me
Most people don’t like the light these lamps make, but I kind of like how it photographs

the platform
I wish I could get up just a little higher. Another floor or two.

exposure a
No Flash mode

exposure b
Program AE mode

It is evening in Port Jefferson