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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Thursday January 21st 2016, 11:49 pm
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(Jan 15) I feel like I am returning to the past, except it’s a good thing to feel the energy of a Internet bubble. Just like 1999. And just like 1999 there may be trouble just around the bend. It remains to be seen how much exposure I have to the bubble bursting. Last time I was pretty much unaffected. (I Wish I could say the same about the Great Recession.)

problem dog that he is
I worry I might not be able to take him with me

which perhaps is why it's a problem, quite a lot of time has in fact, passed
I remember this, like it was just a few years ago.

really, i don't
I don’t even remember this boy

this guy, i remember, very well
The past is past. But it makes me who I am today.

i will always miss him
Atlas now is the same age as Billy was in this photo from 1998.

Friday June 28th 2013, 9:45 pm
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(Jun 10) This month has been difficult and frustrating, and for all that, so little has changed.

dog sign language
This means, rub my belly.

not getting any better looking, is he?
The proprietor of this establishment, glimpsed.

the gym is paying off
Rumors of Junior always looking unhappy disproved

what light, through yonder roadway breaks?
The heterochromia of the illuminations

note to self: try this again
The backlight is helpful

Monday May 27th 2013, 8:48 pm
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(May 25) I don’t know where this month went. It seems to have been largely consumed by drama in the house. The housemate with the screaming, crying, children will be gone June 1. Those kids are doomed. Doomed. Even their father has given up on them already and they’re only seven and eight.

employment walk of shame
Junior got fired

power plant exhaust
Port Jefferson smokestacks

new job
This time, Junior didn’t get canned.

this is what spoiled looks like
Romeo continues to lead a hard life

fulton st.
Back in one of the most familiar places

It’s not as tall as the Twin Towers, unless you count the oversized pole on the roof. It’s not even going to be the tallest in the city. But finally, that’s as tall as it’s going to get, and the pole is on the roof.

Monday August 13th 2012, 11:47 pm
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(Mar 25) I’ve left Port Jeff for the third time now, second time leaving the same location. Moving is killing me inside.

toward the garage
A last look out my bedside window

the attic
This was the office side

twas my refuge, for a time
And this was the bed side

george's couches
Emptied of all that was ours

for rent again
Soon to be someone else’s

Friday July 13th 2012, 11:49 pm
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(Jan 29) Living just around the corner from the old ‘hood, it seemed odd not to have returned, ubercamera in hand. I retraced some familiar steps, saw more things that are very different and haven’t changed.

arr gee bee
But first, for most of you, if you look really closely…
This is what pseudoreal really looks like

This view, hasn’t changed a bit
I walked here with Billy countless times

smokestacks make the lights go
The power plant hasn’t changed either

i skated down backwards
Before I moved into this neighborhood the first time, this was part of my rollerblading course

you can't go home again
Now it’s just part of the past