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Wednesday September 09th 2009, 12:00 am
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(August 14) And finally… the footbridge.

bruckner footbridge
The approach

Amtrak rolls like that here.

under and over the highways
Looking ahead

nuts and bolts
The stuff bridges are made of

bruckner traffic
This bridge crosses just about everything except the water.
Had it been further back, it would have crossed that as well.

uninspired graffitti
Looking back

bridge stairs
And down the other side. I found these steps particularly difficult to climb because of their layout.

this message brought to you by the robots of puerto rico
Nobody expects robots in the Bronx.

catching rays
The outside of the Hunts Point Ave. 6 Station.

fancy subway exterior hides the crappy interior
They should have spent more money on the inside of the station instead of the outside.

hoe ave.
Who you callin a hoe?