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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Sunday September 27th 2009, 3:57 am
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September has been something to endure. And that’s being cheerful about it.

president st.
When the gate’s open, I step in for a few shots.

I keep meaning to just ask someone if I can come in.

union st.
I’d like to get shots of all of it before I move.

union st.
Crazy Sign Person went into re-runs.

the marigolds of memory
I remember when summer meant marigolds

and so is the bank
Speaking of memory, the night depository is a relic now, right?

apple on the sidewalk
Returning from the bank in the early morning, I saw an apple on the sidewalk.

apples on the tree
I looked up.

water supply sampling station
Then I went out to Port Jefferson. I always walk to the LIRR now as well. My legs are cheaper and still more reliable than the subway.

raindrops on the train window
It rained. It was apropos.

train window on the raindrops
Wet. Scattered. Metaphor.

Down the drain and on the street.

hiring soon!
Hot Pink. Not the ideal way to keep Victoria’s Secret.

Sunday September 20th 2009, 8:20 pm
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big ass tires
Back out to Port Jefferson

Unfortunate train connections at Stony Brook.

the pipe
A now rare visit to Bushwick

the motto of the mta elevators and escalators
I never take the subway for grocery shopping anymore, it’s just not worth spending $4.50 or even $2.25

You talkin to me, crazy sign person?

apple pie, cinnamon roll, hot chocolate and cinnamon
Just looking at this allegedly sent Tony into sugar shock.

president st. art
Here’s some of what was going on this night.

or union st. art take your pick
There’s a lot more I haven’t really gotten a good look at yet, even though I pass it all the time.

Friday September 18th 2009, 8:00 pm
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(August 15) I met Tony at the Union Square farmer’s market to look at tomatoes. The mission was specifically about tomatoes, but also any other sort of business built around nature’s bounties.

There were a fair amount of tomatoes here, but none you’d call a bargain.

coffee bar
Other ideas came to mind as well.

bugs don't dig the cedar
I’d been thinking about this myself.

This seemed out of place somehow.

shiny building

gotta be a gehry (it is)
On sight, I thought “That’s gotta be a Gehry”, and indeed it is. I was unaware of either the building or who IAC was. Sorry Barry.

the river that protects us from new jersey
Looking out across the Hudson River

chair art
The practicality of New York

table art
Functional public art. Have a seat next to Tony.

Wednesday September 16th 2009, 12:55 am
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(August 14)

cold-brewed coffee
I converted all the coffee grinds in my freezer into cold-brewed iced coffee

mta fail
Prior to infinity, it said July 30. It is now September 15 and it’s not done yet.

alien graffitti
They have arrived and are hiding among us in Williamsburg.

moar mta fail
I feel like this ceiling

peeling paint

smile for the camera
Above and to the right.

broadway g platform
I saw him coming.

Wednesday September 09th 2009, 12:00 am
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(August 14) And finally… the footbridge.

bruckner footbridge
The approach

Amtrak rolls like that here.

under and over the highways
Looking ahead

nuts and bolts
The stuff bridges are made of

bruckner traffic
This bridge crosses just about everything except the water.
Had it been further back, it would have crossed that as well.

uninspired graffitti
Looking back

bridge stairs
And down the other side. I found these steps particularly difficult to climb because of their layout.

this message brought to you by the robots of puerto rico
Nobody expects robots in the Bronx.

catching rays
The outside of the Hunts Point Ave. 6 Station.

fancy subway exterior hides the crappy interior
They should have spent more money on the inside of the station instead of the outside.

hoe ave.
Who you callin a hoe?