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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Sunday October 18th 2015, 12:45 am
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(Sep 18) And what have we got?

because they put it in the wrong spot
The only thing this has proved is that everyone’s driving less than the speed limit.

reporters watch us take buses
A LIRR derailment

sound the alarm, i finally made it into the city
In to Manhattan

and off to costco
Then back home, As Seen On TV

suburban anger
A protest on Long Island, don’t recall seeing this before

They don’t like Common Core

try again?
Despite having the monopod this time, these shots were worse than the last bunch.

Thursday October 15th 2015, 12:54 am
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(Aug 27) Summer is nearly over.

it feels like i only just sorted that mess out
It is already time to renew my driver’s license.

but the past gives birth to the future
The present is different from the past

more like looking for food
Monitoring the situation

his breath is hideous
This one is monitoring me

piss and the mta
Some things never change

but change they have
Some things changed slowly

the past is over
But you can’t go back to the past

Saturday May 31st 2014, 1:03 pm
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(May 19) I finally set foot on Staten Island. For a funeral. Is there a message in that?

yay corruption
But first, in Port Jefferson a project that should have taken a month or two if you’re feeling generous is now well into its second year of snarling traffic for miles day and night. The entire Empire State Building, including demolition only took as long as this roadwork has so far.

clove lakes park
On Staten Island, down the block from the funeral, there is a park.

but the squirrels, i found
I didn’t have time to actually find the lakes in Clove Lakes Park, but the map says they’re there.

they close at night
I guess Star Of Bethlehem grows wild

oh what a bad shave job
A jogger complimented my tie. I think I was flirted with.

they're all over it
The birds love this place

these grow wild in the city too
In case you forget you’re in New York City, here’s a fire hydrant, to shatter the illusion.

through the bus window
How do you know it’s not a good day? I’m riding a city bus and paying $6 to do it

toward brooklyn
Unfortunately, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is not a walkable bridge

Sunday September 04th 2011, 1:13 am
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(Aug 13) A newer (better) camera is for me, an opportunity to re-visit and re-photograph places I’ve been before. I think there’s value in it to see not just the (I hope) improved photographs, but the changes from time.

train: in
First stop, Port Jeff train station. Why? I don’t know.
But it seems fitting the journey would begin in Port Jefferson.

train: out
Which for the Port Jefferson Branch is…

new camera, new aspect ratio
… the end of the line

last wisps of light disappear in the west
These train bridges are one of the few high places out here I have access to

it feels old to me
Most people don’t like the light these lamps make, but I kind of like how it photographs

the platform
I wish I could get up just a little higher. Another floor or two.

exposure a
No Flash mode

exposure b
Program AE mode

It is evening in Port Jefferson

Saturday April 09th 2011, 6:54 pm
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(March 14 & 16) I am now a 5 mile walk to the train. Woe is me.

mt. sinai harbor
The journey starts out in Miller Place.

they're really just big tailpipes
Off in the distance, you can see the smokestacks from the Port Jefferson Power Station, a few blocks from where I lived for eight years.

no gassing allowed
The geese are safe from Michael Bloomberg here

sign not withstanding
It looks a lot more rural here than it really is

this sign either
No hunting. But really, it’s suburbia, honest!

drive shaft
Someone had a really lousy day.

hulk smash!
Lousy enough to make them very angry. But that didn’t change the fact this is a very dangerous road.

it just doesn't have what it takes i guess
And the weathervane has gone down again

ladder co.
Apple’s on fire! … just kidding. Maybe Tony stopped by.

this news surprises no one
The city has crabs.

laurence, get your ass to the meeting!
I passed by the House of Viza, but he was not there.

and metallic
The flowers seem somehow much larger this spring.