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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Thursday May 21st 2015, 8:59 pm
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(Apr 27) It is now undeniably spring. And it becomes time to ponder the reasons why I am still here.

too familiar
Familiar turf.

i'd never really noticed this before
Though I still have not seen it all

hundreds of thousands? millions?
I wonder how many times people have walked past this sign.

unless the building goes away *cough*
This will now always look the same, every time.

anything for a buck, yo
Disney, stayin classy.

i don't care if worsener is not a word
Beer. The cause of, and worsener of problems.

Thursday March 20th 2014, 10:58 pm
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(Mar 11) Had a meeting in Park Slope, so I wandered through the old ‘hood. The closer I got to my old home though, the more I thought about wheeling Billy to the animal hospital to die.

when i moved here, i was told it was park slope
Welcome to SuperFund site, Gowanus

but don't look beyond this narrow slice
This view is about the only thing that hasn’t changed

but there were no bars on the windows, wtf
I lived here in the apartment on the right, for four years

otherwise, i remember this view well
The tiles on the floor are new

other than the tribute in light
The WTC view is quite new

I have no idea what this thing is

and it's changing again
This place was never not changing.

i just like taking pictures of water towers
This is more or less the same

hard to reach, but generally doesn't stop anyone
I’m surprised no one painted over “Open Your Eyes”

but the paint indeed never was wet
This is funny because the bridge was always covered in “WET PAINT” signs.

looks like it may have changed hands again
This place had been sold shortly before I left

now there's a foundry!
When I left, there were no robots.

Monday May 27th 2013, 8:48 pm
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(May 25) I don’t know where this month went. It seems to have been largely consumed by drama in the house. The housemate with the screaming, crying, children will be gone June 1. Those kids are doomed. Doomed. Even their father has given up on them already and they’re only seven and eight.

employment walk of shame
Junior got fired

power plant exhaust
Port Jefferson smokestacks

new job
This time, Junior didn’t get canned.

this is what spoiled looks like
Romeo continues to lead a hard life

fulton st.
Back in one of the most familiar places

It’s not as tall as the Twin Towers, unless you count the oversized pole on the roof. It’s not even going to be the tallest in the city. But finally, that’s as tall as it’s going to get, and the pole is on the roof.

Thursday April 25th 2013, 11:45 pm
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(Apr 25) You thought March was over. We lied. But April too. Honest!

walking through the ruins of a grand building
Peeking at the past

it's taking forever
Slowly. Oh so very slowly.

why am i in east setauket at dawn?
Moon at dawn

April started with reality TV stars in my midst

costco meat (mostly)
What’s $100 of meat look like

romeo romedoze
The warm has arrived

time marches on more quickly than construction has on the wtc site
Does it look like it changed any since the one above?

i'm about to elevate my day
This way up

Wednesday January 30th 2013, 6:35 am
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(Jan 30) The time is now. I have decided to replay the formula that got me to Brooklyn the last time. I have taken This Side of Paradise and The Great Gatsby off the bookshelf. This time I won’t be reading them on a porch in a rocker, with Billy in my lap and a brandy at my side. I hope the effect is the same. F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong about one thing, I’m about to start my third act.

the suburbs, going nowhere
The present sucks.

eagle from the palace that was pennsylvania station
The past calls to me

Change is required

To get to the future.