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Saturday August 22nd 2009, 10:55 pm
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(July 14) The rest of the trip to Williamsburg.

the river

subway on bridge
There’s a good view of the trains going across the bridge here.

water view skyline
The view of midtown

east river
The view toward Brooklyn

twilight empire state building
Twilight settles over Manhattan

williamsburg under the bridge
I love going to places with sidewalk seating

yes, i'm on it now

balloon loft
I’d love to have a place like this.

graffitti in progress
When I got back home, they were repainting this place

Saturday August 08th 2009, 10:30 pm
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(July 14) I decided to walk to Williamsburg over the bridge, at sunset.

delancey st.
I decided to start in Manhattan, so I took the subway to Delancey.

toward the williamsburg bridge
It puts you about a block from the bridge walkway.

the esb
A common sight on this site.

surrounding neighborhood
One of my favorite things about walking the bridges is the view of the neighborhoods.

across the river, toward billyburg
The view of Brooklyn in the distance.

the cage of boo!
Unfortunately, much of the view is defaced by this chicken coop.

spiral staircase
I wouldn’t mind taking photos from that staircase.

fdr drive
The Fucking Disaster Road Drive.

williamsburg bridge
Looking up at the bridge.

Thursday November 20th 2008, 1:24 am
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(October 19) Those showing up today got a free wooden cheapo-crap set of dominos. The view was much more worth the trip.

chrysler bldg, citigroup building
I can’t afford this view.

domino waterfront

williamsburg bridge
Billyburg Bridge

williamsburg bridge

williamsburg bridge

williamsburg bridge

empire state building

manhattan skyline

empire state building, chrysler building

Tuesday August 12th 2008, 8:08 am
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Black is so green.

LIRR service replaced by buses until September. Bleh.

just smile
Advice from the Hipster sages of Willamsburg.

That ladies and gentlemen, is the face of a serial killer.

Then up in the Bronx, further proof that spam is everywhere.

look down not up
On a 4.2 mile journey through Williamsburg, Bed Stuy, and Bushwick, the Williamsburg Bridge spoke to me.

Viza, Joe and I went to a free concert at the Winter Garden.
Dorit Chrysler played the Theremin.

Ulrich Schnauss.

Right after this, I shaved.  It didn’t make me look any better really.

Friday June 10th 2005, 9:38 pm
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Manhunt, Brooklyn (DUMBO).
June 9.

lori 'n' kevin.

Our organizers for this manhunt (tag), Lori and Kevin.

they're it.

A gathering of the tagged.

all done now.

All the cops around, and no one ever asks what we’re doing.


The midtown Manhattan skyline.

brooklyn bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge and skyline.

brooklyn bridge (again).

The Brooklyn Bridge and skyline (again).

a different bridge.

The Williamsburg bridge.

under the brooklyn bridge.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline.