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Wednesday July 22nd 2009, 10:38 pm
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(June 20) A few shots from the subway station, and people.

track 2
My back hurt, it was time to leave the Mermaid Parade.

walkway love
Not the makeout tunnel, but it was today.

the never ending fan

subway cyclist


funny roof



Sometimes I post the blurry ones because I like the way they look, sometimes because it’s all I have.

Friday July 17th 2009, 9:30 pm
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(June 20) Despite the rain, I was determined to see the Mermaid Parade. When I got there, I got close to the street, but this girl in front of me leaned her umbrella forward so that it was hard to see, when she wasn’t bashing other people in the head with it.

There were a lot of people here for a parade in the rain.

that coaster's got legs
Tim knows all about the rollercoaster of love.

the march of the pirates
The pirates were at the beach instead of the bay.

the rent me! truck
Unsurprisingly, the Marty Markowitz contingent was present and accounted for.

we all scream
Hot tar sundaes, a New York City tradition.

it's red, jim
A subtle car, for a subtle parade.

Out of work models want you to show you their tits.

that's actually not her natural hair color
Junior mermaid

ladies and hot dogs
Shakin it.

barefoot pirate
I’ll bet he had sore feet when it was over.

Monday July 13th 2009, 11:11 pm
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(June 13) Park Slope. I see gay people!

pride flag
People were supposed to throw change into the flag.

we'll see about that
Love triumphs over all?

so very many politicians
I see politicians!

but who knows where that bear has been

cheer ny
I saw acrobatics!

fire flags
I wish I could remember who these guys were.

brooklyn waits for no one
The city wastes no time cleaning up. Traffic was right behind the street sweepers.

Friday July 10th 2009, 12:51 am
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The non-event parts of June.

union st. sign of strangeness
The strange sign person was feelin groovy.

the tweets of uselesness
Twitter was completely useless. Before Iran at least.

gravy ingredients
There was “gravy”.

the urinwall
This still claimed not to be a urinal. The evidence still claimed otherwise.

sad sad url
There was URL fail.

you smell the honeysuckle before you see it
There was honeysuckle in Port Jefferson.

nobody expects the empire state building!
There was an unexpected local view of the Empire State Building.

lirr flatbush ave. station
There were many trips to Port Jefferson to do nasty work.