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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Monday October 19th 2015, 8:47 am
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(Sep 20) A return to the San Gennaro festival. I haven’t been since I left Brooklyn. It has gotten smaller and has become overrun by iPhone accessories.

i look like my brother here
Your author, looking harried

i don't know what it is i'm hoping to capture here, but i never find it
Through the tunnel

a donut was reported missing
I was actually asked if terrorists might come to San Gennaro. I suppose this is the post-Boston way of things.

this might have been witty 30 years ago
Someone didn’t get the memo. We don’t have hippies anymore, now we have hipsters.

spend money please
The width of the street surely hasn’t changed, but it feels cramped now.

doesn't even cross my mind
You know,… it never occurs to me to eat any of this stuff

money to be given to the poor
Saint Januarius

someday soon
Someday, this will all be part of Chinatown

not that it contributed positively toward the festival's authenticity
The “Drown the Clown” carnival game is no longer a part of it.

Tuesday April 28th 2015, 7:17 pm
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(Apr 18) I am continually asked why I am doing this. It is hard to explain.

this stirs up memories of how f. scott fitzgerald described manhattan
When you enter the city by car on the Long Island Expressway,

the skyscrapers poke up past the roadbed
you rise as you approach Manhattan,

after paying a shakedown fee
Then you go down under the river

it continues to escape me
I’m still trying to get the perfect shot down here

maybe someday, sometime.
I don’t get many opportunities, due to expense and infrequent auto travel into Manhattan.

my skills are not
I think the ubercamera is up to the task,

sssshhhhhaaaaakkkkkeeeeeey shake
for now, here is my simulation of an earthquake during a tunnel trip.

that's a $90 shirt

Wednesday April 18th 2012, 1:40 pm
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(Oct 16) I got a few shots of the Midtown Tunnel with the ubercamera. Nothing special though.


this way to manhattan
I really need a better way to get these photos than through a dirty windshield.

Sunday July 04th 2010, 12:57 am
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Sunday. (May 30) Where else would I be?

tunnel driving
We missed the turnoff for the Queensborough Bridge, and ended up going through the Midtown Tunnel after paying a delightfully outrageous toll.

one song band
“Apparently it’s all the same song.” – Pete

Monday May 30th 2005, 9:04 pm
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It’s so much faster when you drive there… early.
May 30.



These are among the world’s most expensive billboards.


 midtown tunnel.

Through the tunnel.



I believe they call this contrast.


 famous fountain.

The angel atop the fountain.



Pete, and more contrast.


 maxin and relaxin.

There were a fair number of people relaxing in the park.


 no traffic.

When we left there was no traffic to speak of.


 nice day.

It was a nice day, and we got home quickly.