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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Friday September 18th 2009, 8:00 pm
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(August 15) I met Tony at the Union Square farmer’s market to look at tomatoes. The mission was specifically about tomatoes, but also any other sort of business built around nature’s bounties.

There were a fair amount of tomatoes here, but none you’d call a bargain.

coffee bar
Other ideas came to mind as well.

bugs don't dig the cedar
I’d been thinking about this myself.

This seemed out of place somehow.

shiny building

gotta be a gehry (it is)
On sight, I thought “That’s gotta be a Gehry”, and indeed it is. I was unaware of either the building or who IAC was. Sorry Barry.

the river that protects us from new jersey
Looking out across the Hudson River

chair art
The practicality of New York

table art
Functional public art. Have a seat next to Tony.

Monday June 15th 2009, 5:00 am
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(May 26) I stepped out of the subway, looked around, and this is what I found.

Another protest

I got out in front of it

california prop 8 protest

gilbert baker banner
Yes You Can, No You Can’t

obama quote
Of course when he said those things, he wasn’t President of the USA.

fuck prop 8
That’s three now.

Saturday June 13th 2009, 1:19 am
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(May 26) I got off the 1 at the Christopher Street, Sheridan Square station. The rule I’ve been working from is to stop and photograph whatever public art I find in the station, whether it’s a planned stop or not.


lee brozgold & the students of ps 41

the Greenwich village murals

christopher st.

sheridan square

subway art

Friday May 29th 2009, 4:26 am
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(May 16) Going places, going places I didn’t intend to go, and going more places still.

nobody expects the surprise mosaic!
I didn’t hear the announcement that my R was going to go express to 36th. Fortunately there were mosaics I hadn’t seen before at the end of the proverbial and literal tunnel.

1940's subway mosaic
These appear to be subway scenes from the 1940’s. I didn’t see a placard.

i wish it were mine
Then after picking up my notebook, it was back into Manhattan to the West Village heading for the library. Unfortunately I rode the subway and not the Ducati.

sleeping on the sidewalk
Passed four dogs camped out.

play with us!
Then someone woke them.

toxic much?
Took the F back through Carroll Gardens.

lincoln continental
Then out to Port Jefferson the next day to witness the winding down of a 40 year business.

fatherly advice
The next day on Union St., the strange sign had changed.

Thursday November 27th 2008, 2:33 am
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(October 31) After long last, I finally made it to the NYC Halloween Parade. Another disappointing trip into the darkness with my camera. It’s really the flash that kills me I think, since I get decent shots when other people’s flashes are lighting things up.

As I waited for the connecting subway, I saw the Grim Reaper.
(Blurry, but that’s the shot I got.)

It moves along pretty quickly once it starts, all things considered.

It’s not Halloween without ghosts.

teh scaries
To be in this parade, you just show up, in costume.

Even ZipCars dressed up.

klaatu barada nikto!
There were robots.

where's pc?
Mac was there too.

he put the puck between the goalposts
And I got to see Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin.

banana split, anyone?
These guys were a little bananas.