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Sunday March 18th 2012, 1:36 am
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(Sep 8 ) Ran back to Cordwood Landing Park one last time for twilight photos.

The portal within the park

moar blue

blue is blue
The water crashing onto the beach always reminds me of Billy now. It frightened him as a puppy.

I like the blue shots more than these
Blurry ferns suggest it was breezy

Even though these are more realistic
I confused an earlier photo with this one. This is the one where you couldn’t see the people fishing.

Sunday September 04th 2011, 1:13 am
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(Aug 13) A newer (better) camera is for me, an opportunity to re-visit and re-photograph places I’ve been before. I think there’s value in it to see not just the (I hope) improved photographs, but the changes from time.

train: in
First stop, Port Jeff train station. Why? I don’t know.
But it seems fitting the journey would begin in Port Jefferson.

train: out
Which for the Port Jefferson Branch is…

new camera, new aspect ratio
… the end of the line

last wisps of light disappear in the west
These train bridges are one of the few high places out here I have access to

it feels old to me
Most people don’t like the light these lamps make, but I kind of like how it photographs

the platform
I wish I could get up just a little higher. Another floor or two.

exposure a
No Flash mode

exposure b
Program AE mode

It is evening in Port Jefferson

Wednesday June 16th 2010, 3:14 am
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I’m not feeling this like I used to, but I go because Pete wants to, and I need to escape every now and then.

lirr ronkonkoma station
I walk down here a lot, even when I don’t have a train to catch.
Among other things, I like to reassure myself I can escape suburbia.

speed limit? what speed limit?
The next day it was off to the park.

tavern on the bankruptcy
Failure of what was recently the most profitable restaurant in the United States.

buy our cd plz
They weren’t bad, if I recall correctly.

Unlike most days, it wasn’t crowded.

Saturday August 22nd 2009, 10:55 pm
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(July 14) The rest of the trip to Williamsburg.

the river

subway on bridge
There’s a good view of the trains going across the bridge here.

water view skyline
The view of midtown

east river
The view toward Brooklyn

twilight empire state building
Twilight settles over Manhattan

williamsburg under the bridge
I love going to places with sidewalk seating

yes, i'm on it now

balloon loft
I’d love to have a place like this.

graffitti in progress
When I got back home, they were repainting this place

Saturday August 08th 2009, 10:30 pm
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(July 14) I decided to walk to Williamsburg over the bridge, at sunset.

delancey st.
I decided to start in Manhattan, so I took the subway to Delancey.

toward the williamsburg bridge
It puts you about a block from the bridge walkway.

the esb
A common sight on this site.

surrounding neighborhood
One of my favorite things about walking the bridges is the view of the neighborhoods.

across the river, toward billyburg
The view of Brooklyn in the distance.

the cage of boo!
Unfortunately, much of the view is defaced by this chicken coop.

spiral staircase
I wouldn’t mind taking photos from that staircase.

fdr drive
The Fucking Disaster Road Drive.

williamsburg bridge
Looking up at the bridge.