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Thursday April 30th 2009, 2:13 am
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Although the fares haven’t gone up yet, the subway is already too expensive. I predict walking is going to be on the rise.

ha ha
Someone was in too much of a hurry though.

where's whatah?
I decided to walk from the Financial District to the West Village to save $2

carrier hotel
I hoped to get a few photos

But I suddenly found myself at the library with only these.

Saturday April 25th 2009, 11:32 pm
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It seems that as of late 2008 Y2K has finally arrived, and it had nothing to do with poor computer programming practice.

mta fail
MTA FAIL. Not only does water flow in unimpeded from the street, the ceiling leaks 3 feet away. It’s been like this for years.

worthless workers. mta fail2.
MTA FAIL2. They were at the edge of the street when I arrived. Three hours later, this crew of at least 10 workers, and 2 MTA police had 30 feet of blacktop to show for themselves. This may be one reason why the MTA is more in the red than some countries spend in a year.

The gardens on High St. look more than a bit less impressive than last year.

torn up
This place was sold about six years ago, and has been continually screwed with ever since. Six years of construction.

This is what a private bailout loan looks like. It ain’t pretty, really.

right back atcha.
The Union St. sign weirdness continues.

annieone in there?
“Annie’s Garden”, one of the many (apparently) “Gardens of Union”.

Thursday April 23rd 2009, 2:50 am
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I needed to try and come up with some ideas, so last week I went bridge-walking. I ended up walking off at the end of the bridge and all the way home. Only generated one interesting idea.

what else would you call it?
The journey this time, started on the Manhattan side.

the view from above
I find the parts of the bridge over land are actually more interesting views.

manhattan bridge footpath
The one thing you don’t get a good view of from the bridge, is the bridge.

brooklyn bridge, & fdr drive
I like how the light reflects off the water here.

the cheesecake capital of the universe
The bridge portion of his trip “officially” ended not at the gift shop, but at (the outside of) Junior’s.

Tuesday April 21st 2009, 9:19 pm
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Multiple Computer FAIL.

totally 80's
More night photos.

they'll get right on that
They follow directions excellently.

I missed the train by less than 60 seconds. Yay.

friday evening traffic
Evening in TriBeCa.

don't forget to bring a port-a-potty!
What lurks beyond the wire grate?

Saturday April 11th 2009, 4:42 pm
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This was a long week, but I have little to show for it.

Arriving in Port Jefferson …

they're yeller, I say!
There’s always something randomly blooming

… which became PJ Horsefeathers, which became The Bada Bing, which has become The Riff

the cars, not just a band
… Then back to Brooklyn, and off to the bank to deposit a check.

popeye is a bottom?
Ok, this place is getting weirder.