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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Sunday November 17th 2013, 3:13 pm
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(Oct 19) It would have been easier to enjoy this place if I hadn’t felt mislead about the Breaking Bad “exhibit” (more like a narrow closet, literally), which quite possibly didn’t contain anything actually used on Breaking Bad. Most of the items I saw were obviously “re-creations” of items used on the show, of generally poor quality. I wonder if that’s why no photos were allowed of this material. There’s plenty of blame to go around. AMC/Sony for the fraud, and the museum for being a party to it. It left a very bad taste in my mouth, which is a shame, since in retrospect, the rest of the museum wasn’t bad. The security staff were unfriendly and in the way, but the rest of the staff were very friendly and helpful. Due to the crappy faux Breaking Bad thing and the obtrusive security staff, I give the Museum of the Moving Image a “Meh” rating, which seems like a shame.

gregory barsamian
This,is called Feral Fount

strobe on
Light off

need a hand?
Illusion on

illusion off
Lights on

it's brooklyn in the house
How it’s done

incubator of the peep show

if you listen carefully, you can hear their meter
The measure of meters

we call them 'silent movies', but people used to call them 'movies'
Movies existed before sound.

you can hear us now!
But if moving film strips rapidly was the innovation that created ‘films’ out of photography

and ruined the careers of actors with poor voices
Sound was the innovation that created ‘movies’ out of ‘films’.

reel to real
Yes kids, this is where the skeumorphic iOS icon came from.

Wednesday November 13th 2013, 12:00 am
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(Oct 19) Preed came to town. So much happens when he’s here. Much much more than happens in several months lately.

or rather the message is
Sometimes the signs are unclear.

does it mean i'm still a geek that i found a discussion of content delivery networks interesting?
We began the weekend with…

with extra etsy!
The days of the DevOps

aside from elaborate
We visited the Museum of the Moving Image, in Astoria. I forget what this thing is,

it reminds me of nan
but the model is very elaborate

names from the past
Another reminder of the Honeymooner’s. The second one recently.

barbie, sadly, was killed within 60 seconds of beaming over to the funhouse.  never ever wear the red uniform on 1960's star trek.
Ken needs to make sure Barbie doesn’t end up alone with Shatner

travis bickle is not pleased
No photos at the Breaking Bad “exhibition” wedged into a corner

Tuesday November 12th 2013, 11:18 pm
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(Oct 8) Starts and fits. Lots of negativity from friends. Yay autumn.

My grandmother grew these. I can’t remember the name of it.

where the residents never complain
Past Pinelawn

...for death causes construction to take place
The road to the dead is closed

from the bottom and to the left
Today the signs say… peeling

the piles, they will be driven
There’s always construction going on here