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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Monday October 26th 2015, 11:58 pm
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(Oct 26) Thirteen posts.

endlessly and noisily
They are endlessly doing nothing here

closed is open
Perhaps the new management will turn off the OPEN sign when they are closed.

Halloween is very near now

Tuesday August 12th 2014, 12:49 am
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(Jul 9) Beginnings and endings.

i hate being up at 5am
Sunrise, over Center Moriches

serial rejection
More Trader Joe’s flowers, in the same exact spot as these.

and now the 40 story hotel will soon start to rise
What remains of the small businesses that thrived here? Nothing.

Monday June 30th 2014, 12:43 am
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(Jun 16) I have been busy. Busy is neither good nor bad, just busy.

the skeletal remains of signs
So many things nailed to this pole …. that absolutely no one cared about.

need to change the settings
This is not at all what I expected when I decided to shoot this scene

this is more like it
Because, it was dark outside

stairs noir
Now this, is what I was looking for

what was is gone
This view will never be the same

a hotel is coming
Not because of the demolition and coming construction

we miss you, howard
But because the man whose office this was for 30 years has died.

Saturday May 31st 2014, 1:03 pm
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(May 19) I finally set foot on Staten Island. For a funeral. Is there a message in that?

yay corruption
But first, in Port Jefferson a project that should have taken a month or two if you’re feeling generous is now well into its second year of snarling traffic for miles day and night. The entire Empire State Building, including demolition only took as long as this roadwork has so far.

clove lakes park
On Staten Island, down the block from the funeral, there is a park.

but the squirrels, i found
I didn’t have time to actually find the lakes in Clove Lakes Park, but the map says they’re there.

they close at night
I guess Star Of Bethlehem grows wild

oh what a bad shave job
A jogger complimented my tie. I think I was flirted with.

they're all over it
The birds love this place

these grow wild in the city too
In case you forget you’re in New York City, here’s a fire hydrant, to shatter the illusion.

through the bus window
How do you know it’s not a good day? I’m riding a city bus and paying $6 to do it

toward brooklyn
Unfortunately, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is not a walkable bridge

Tuesday November 12th 2013, 11:18 pm
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(Oct 8) Starts and fits. Lots of negativity from friends. Yay autumn.

My grandmother grew these. I can’t remember the name of it.

where the residents never complain
Past Pinelawn

...for death causes construction to take place
The road to the dead is closed

from the bottom and to the left
Today the signs say… peeling

the piles, they will be driven
There’s always construction going on here