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Monday December 19th 2011, 3:12 am
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(Aug 19) It was on this trip that I realized a few things. One was that walking provided most of the inspiration for photo-taking. The other was (related to the first) that I may have finally gotten a nice camera but at the wrong time in my life. Knowing my time here was short, I hit the street.

begin journey here
I started out…

harbor beach rd.
This road is indeed long and winding.

the winding road
I’d intended to go all the way to the harbor.

the long road
It ends in Mt. Sinai at Cedar Beach.

wooden wreckage
Oh poison ivy, I curse your very existence. You other ivy are ok though.

Keep in mind though, this is suburbia. None of this is wild.

suburban street garden
But that doesn’t mean it’s not nice.

rock and decomposed dead shit
What the streets are made of.
Unfortunately I didn’t get far before stepping in poison ivy, upon which I hurried back home to wash.

Friday December 02nd 2011, 1:36 am
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Pseudoreal is still in August. The end of Miller Place was near.

There was a small bamboo “forest” at the edge of the proprerty

droopy bamboo
It doesn’t handle snow or rain very well

And a few flowers around the foundation

This guy ran around the yard a bit

falling apart
I’m surprised the hurricane didn’t blow this thing away

Sunset over Harbor Beach Rd.