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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Friday August 22nd 2014, 9:50 pm
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(Jul 9) To kill some time before dinner with Preed, I finally returned to Roosevelt Island.

modern dinosaur
Out on Long Island, What is this scary thing?

awaiting a hotel no one wants
Destruction complete

its residents shipped off to a vastly suckier location
Over to Roosevelt Island, the shell of Coler-Goldwater Hospital

a total ghost town
Typical of work done by large contractors,

hurry up and do nothing
It’s the middle of the day, and no work in sight taking place

i saw a total of *one* vehicle behind the fence
This is why it’s going to take years,

what's the hurry, right?
Everything takes forever when you’re not actually doing anything.

cheaper than doing the right thing though
All this blocked off for the convenience of the construction that’s not taking place

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Tuesday August 12th 2014, 12:49 am
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(Jul 9) Beginnings and endings.

i hate being up at 5am
Sunrise, over Center Moriches

serial rejection
More Trader Joe’s flowers, in the same exact spot as these.

and now the 40 story hotel will soon start to rise
What remains of the small businesses that thrived here? Nothing.

Monday June 30th 2014, 12:43 am
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(Jun 16) I have been busy. Busy is neither good nor bad, just busy.

the skeletal remains of signs
So many things nailed to this pole …. that absolutely no one cared about.

need to change the settings
This is not at all what I expected when I decided to shoot this scene

this is more like it
Because, it was dark outside

stairs noir
Now this, is what I was looking for

what was is gone
This view will never be the same

a hotel is coming
Not because of the demolition and coming construction

we miss you, howard
But because the man whose office this was for 30 years has died.

Tuesday June 02nd 2009, 3:27 am
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(May 16) I needed to go for a walk.

a case of crabs
I was feeling crabby, but I had a better day than these guys.

whatever those signs say
I went to Chinatown.

though what you get for that...
Where you can still get a $5 haircut.

It’s a very interesting neighborhood, and I haven’t seen much of it yet.

i couldn't read a thing
I think this is the neighborhood signpost.

manhattan bridge
As usual, dusk was settling into evening.

This seemed to have captured everyone’s attention.

an ending
The Hong Kong Supermarket had burned down.

Saturday November 22nd 2008, 2:46 pm
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(October 19) Wrapping up the trip to Domino with fourteen more photos, I headed back toward home, with a quick stop to the datacenter down by Wall Street.

crane crane go away, come again some other day
By all that’s going up, you’d never know that everything’s going to hell.

the rubble of someone else's dreams
And lots of other stuff is coming down to make way for more.

the rubble of someone else's event(?)
More Bisphenol A than you can shake a stick at.

half steel, half concrete, she's pretty stiff
What is The Secret Behind the Door?

This place made me think of Whatah.

this also made me think of whatah
The neighborhood buildings are covered in artwork

first rule of secret club... there is no secret club
Something was going on behind this door as well.

bette davis sees all!
Whatever it was, it did not escape Bette Davis’s eyes.

winged but grounded
Fallen something

growth above times two
Construction and life both go on.

coming soon: hate 2
And hate is eternal.

why not 'mikeys booty call'?
This is even pervy-er than his subway ad.

new york stock exchange
The scene of the crime.

i remember a saner time on wall street
This is the kind of Nine Eleven false patriotism we could all live without.