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Monday October 08th 2012, 11:59 pm
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(Jul 26) I’ve been coming to this neighborhood for 13 years. At some point a patch of land indistinguishable from an abandoned dump turned into a park. It seemed to spring into being suddenly, though it must have been going on behind the fence for quite a while.

proud to be part of the problem
But first… The Asshole of the Day

The Diallo Mural has been brutally vandalized, undoubtedly by the landlord
More shhamefully, the city just re-armed one of the perpetrators.

bronx river
There it is

or, we painted some of the junk because it's cheaper than removing it
Concrete Plant Park

very trainy
Surrounded by multiple railroads on two sides

and the water, pretty disgusting
It’s pretty

they're probably mutants
At least the water doesn’t seem to be killing the birds

but it's a bunch of crap they couldn't be bothered to remove, nevertheless
It has artistic value

industrial art
But it detracts from the park overall, which needs every inch of usable space it can get.

i hope there's a cure
Catching something

what lives in it is too tough to die
The river of scary water

bet the city spends a fortune 'maintaining' it
Looking back at the wasted space

sadly the united states has no high speed trains
“High” speed trains.

elevated ones especially
There’s plenty of trains here though.

and by greenway we don't mean unidentified mold
It’s part of the “Bronx River Greenway”

the signs
And then it was done

back to penn station
So I left

Friday September 04th 2009, 1:48 am
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(August 14) A couple of weeks ago, I’d figured to save time by walking to my customer one stop away on the local 6 train from the express 6 I’d gotten off of at Hunt’s Point Ave. It turned out to be a terrible mistake from that perspective, but I decided to go back with my camera, which I strangely hadn’t brought with me on the previous occasion.

You can see the footbridge, which turned out to be the focus of the traveling I needed to do.

the obelisk
No, the obelisk isn’t peeing, it’s a fountain.

right side of the bronx river
Walking back toward the footbridge, I passed over the Bronx River on another bridge.

left side of the bronx river
There’s several views here I don’t get from where I usually cross this river.

bronx river bank
You can see the sky reflecting off the water.

in the bronx it's a skewl of fish
Down in the water, there were thousands of fish.

This was the small blob.

huge blob o'fish
That’s not an oil slick, that’s a lot of fish down there.

rail spur
Still in use from the looks of it.

grate not so great
This one is a serious view-buster

make a note of the many-colored building
Wherever there’s train tracks, there will be tagging, which pre-dates the Intertubes.

someone's rails to somewhere
Viza informs me these are Amtrak’s tracks.

Tuesday March 24th 2009, 4:07 am
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bronx river