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Saturday August 22nd 2009, 10:55 pm
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(July 14) The rest of the trip to Williamsburg.

the river

subway on bridge
There’s a good view of the trains going across the bridge here.

water view skyline
The view of midtown

east river
The view toward Brooklyn

twilight empire state building
Twilight settles over Manhattan

williamsburg under the bridge
I love going to places with sidewalk seating

yes, i'm on it now

balloon loft
I’d love to have a place like this.

graffitti in progress
When I got back home, they were repainting this place

Saturday August 08th 2009, 10:30 pm
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(July 14) I decided to walk to Williamsburg over the bridge, at sunset.

delancey st.
I decided to start in Manhattan, so I took the subway to Delancey.

toward the williamsburg bridge
It puts you about a block from the bridge walkway.

the esb
A common sight on this site.

surrounding neighborhood
One of my favorite things about walking the bridges is the view of the neighborhoods.

across the river, toward billyburg
The view of Brooklyn in the distance.

the cage of boo!
Unfortunately, much of the view is defaced by this chicken coop.

spiral staircase
I wouldn’t mind taking photos from that staircase.

fdr drive
The Fucking Disaster Road Drive.

williamsburg bridge
Looking up at the bridge.

Friday July 10th 2009, 12:51 am
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The non-event parts of June.

union st. sign of strangeness
The strange sign person was feelin groovy.

the tweets of uselesness
Twitter was completely useless. Before Iran at least.

gravy ingredients
There was “gravy”.

the urinwall
This still claimed not to be a urinal. The evidence still claimed otherwise.

sad sad url
There was URL fail.

you smell the honeysuckle before you see it
There was honeysuckle in Port Jefferson.

nobody expects the empire state building!
There was an unexpected local view of the Empire State Building.

lirr flatbush ave. station
There were many trips to Port Jefferson to do nasty work.

Saturday November 22nd 2008, 2:46 pm
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(October 19) Wrapping up the trip to Domino with fourteen more photos, I headed back toward home, with a quick stop to the datacenter down by Wall Street.

crane crane go away, come again some other day
By all that’s going up, you’d never know that everything’s going to hell.

the rubble of someone else's dreams
And lots of other stuff is coming down to make way for more.

the rubble of someone else's event(?)
More Bisphenol A than you can shake a stick at.

half steel, half concrete, she's pretty stiff
What is The Secret Behind the Door?

This place made me think of Whatah.

this also made me think of whatah
The neighborhood buildings are covered in artwork

first rule of secret club... there is no secret club
Something was going on behind this door as well.

bette davis sees all!
Whatever it was, it did not escape Bette Davis’s eyes.

winged but grounded
Fallen something

growth above times two
Construction and life both go on.

coming soon: hate 2
And hate is eternal.

why not 'mikeys booty call'?
This is even pervy-er than his subway ad.

new york stock exchange
The scene of the crime.

i remember a saner time on wall street
This is the kind of Nine Eleven false patriotism we could all live without.

Friday November 21st 2008, 3:43 pm
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(October 19) At long last, the main event. The former Domino Sugar Refinery of Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the East River, formerly Havemeyer and Elder’s Sugar Refining Company, and soon to be luxury apartments with a killer view of the east side of midtown Manhattan.

never to return
Once upon a time, long, long ago, things were manufactured in New York City.

where do all the rich people come from?
Now we call these graveyards “historical landmarks”.
Next stop: Luxury apartments.

the sign will live on, with much irony
The landmark sign that inspired protests.

60% of the country's sugar was once produced in nyc
New York City used to be the “sugar capital” of the USA.

woe unto williamsburg
The sad remains of what once was.

future homes of millionaires
That sound you hear off in the distance is called gentrification.

we're watching you!

sayonara, domino.
No gift shop at the end of this tour.