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Sunday January 10th 2010, 3:03 am
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Pete agreed to haul a load out of Brooklyn for me if I agreed to go rollerblading in Central Park. Things have gone downhill quite a bit since then. It already seems like it was long ago.

He almost never goes forward except in reverse.

autumn in central park
Pete hates the cyclists… passionately.

running, cycling, blading

hey baby...
Some girl caught his eye.

Tuesday October 14th 2008, 6:00 pm
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(September 21) Pete called and said “I’m in Little Italy, come meet me.”


san gennaro festival
The neighborhood doesn’t like it. You think?

a bozo, made up as a clown
Drown The Clown, a regular at this festival.

it's all about the food
There’s a reason it’s called a feast.

fried everything
Lots of food. Lots of fried food.

dead muppets
Elmo and Cookie Monster learned the hard way, nobody likes a snitch.

business was brisk
It was packed with food and people.

ferris wheel
It’s always strange to see a Ferris Wheel on a city street.

Around all this food, Pete is truly loving life.

Brought to you by, High Fructose Corn Syrup…

daishi tells me italians love fried food
… fried food, …

italian musicians
… and some Italian guys.

Time to leave Little Italy.

Oh, and I didn’t know Tony had a gift shop. Invoking the Pseudoreal Rule of Gift Shops, thus ends the 2008 Feast of San Gennaro Festival.

Sunday August 10th 2008, 6:04 pm
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Dorkbot is one of my favorite things to go to. Nobody knows me there;
it’s all fun and no work when you’re on the audience side of the podium.

he's got a lot of heart
His heart beats, you see it in realtime.

You can watch him use the various parts of his brain too.

a new york moment, courtesy of pedro
Yes, Pete has a cup of black coffee in one hand, and a lit cigar in the other, and he’s rollerblading in Central Park.
(he’s wearing the same shirt as last time too)

the man-horse!
Back on Smith St. in Brooklyn, they let some kids decorate the boards used to conceal a construction site. They should do this more often.

commander pedro
Back to Central Park, Pete leads the newbies through the AIDS walk after-crowd.

The cops eventually made them clear out. Surprised?

Finally it was off to visit Josh at the Harold & Kumar Frat House.

spiral staircase


Friday March 30th 2007, 3:13 am
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Since my last post here, I lost all my photos, except those on this site to a hard drive failure.

In December, I went into Manhattan with Pete and his cousin Maria, to see the store displays, and have dinner at Bice.

pedro and maria
Pedro and Maria

store window display

projected snowflakes

That’s a lot of candy.

Then in January we went to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, followed by dinner at Novecento.

most ridiculous mcdonalds evar
The most pretentious McDonald’s I’ve ever seen. The food is still McDonald’s.

fred and ginger

all wax
None of them is real.


Finally, in February I went to see Sleepwalkers.


donald sutherland


Edit: I forgot about the McDonald’s downtown with the piano player, which I saw once back in the 80’s, so the jury’s still out on the most pretentious McDonald’s in the city, (or that I’ve ever seen).

Monday May 30th 2005, 9:04 pm
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It’s so much faster when you drive there… early.
May 30.



These are among the world’s most expensive billboards.


 midtown tunnel.

Through the tunnel.



I believe they call this contrast.


 famous fountain.

The angel atop the fountain.



Pete, and more contrast.


 maxin and relaxin.

There were a fair number of people relaxing in the park.


 no traffic.

When we left there was no traffic to speak of.


 nice day.

It was a nice day, and we got home quickly.