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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Sunday September 04th 2011, 1:13 am
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(Aug 13) A newer (better) camera is for me, an opportunity to re-visit and re-photograph places I’ve been before. I think there’s value in it to see not just the (I hope) improved photographs, but the changes from time.

train: in
First stop, Port Jeff train station. Why? I don’t know.
But it seems fitting the journey would begin in Port Jefferson.

train: out
Which for the Port Jefferson Branch is…

new camera, new aspect ratio
… the end of the line

last wisps of light disappear in the west
These train bridges are one of the few high places out here I have access to

it feels old to me
Most people don’t like the light these lamps make, but I kind of like how it photographs

the platform
I wish I could get up just a little higher. Another floor or two.

exposure a
No Flash mode

exposure b
Program AE mode

It is evening in Port Jefferson