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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Saturday April 09th 2011, 6:54 pm
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(March 14 & 16) I am now a 5 mile walk to the train. Woe is me.

mt. sinai harbor
The journey starts out in Miller Place.

they're really just big tailpipes
Off in the distance, you can see the smokestacks from the Port Jefferson Power Station, a few blocks from where I lived for eight years.

no gassing allowed
The geese are safe from Michael Bloomberg here

sign not withstanding
It looks a lot more rural here than it really is

this sign either
No hunting. But really, it’s suburbia, honest!

drive shaft
Someone had a really lousy day.

hulk smash!
Lousy enough to make them very angry. But that didn’t change the fact this is a very dangerous road.

it just doesn't have what it takes i guess
And the weathervane has gone down again

ladder co.
Apple’s on fire! … just kidding. Maybe Tony stopped by.

this news surprises no one
The city has crabs.

laurence, get your ass to the meeting!
I passed by the House of Viza, but he was not there.

and metallic
The flowers seem somehow much larger this spring.

Friday April 01st 2011, 11:40 am
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(February 25) In the midst of winter, I have seen two beetles in the house. The ladybug escaped from my window frame to turn up dead on the stairs. Then there was this fellow…

the creature from under my desk
Reminds me of a lightning bug for some reason

it didn't much care for my attentions either
I’ve no idea what it was, or where it went

never to be seen again?
I’m kind of frustrated by how these came out. I need a better/not-ruined camera. I need to learn how to use it properly.