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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Friday January 22nd 2016, 10:22 pm
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(Jan 21) At some point, I don’t remember when, I discarded my bills and other papers relevant to my time in Port Jefferson Village. I have now discarded similar items from my time in Brooklyn. I no longer see my return to NYC as a return much anymore. It will be something new, something different.

no, seriously
I went to LaGuardia Airport and all I got was a photo of this sign

this seems a less than optimal use of time
I spent far too much time putting these stickers on bags

Tuesday May 05th 2015, 4:27 pm
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(Apr 20) This post was Snoop-approved.

but these are the tackiest shoes i've ever seen
The wearer was a very friendly tourist/student.

i love these things though
Decode please

Someone’s having a shitty evening

Would you like some raccoon with your beer?

the store workers said he was nasty, too
Did he forget his photo ID?

the peak moment of the stoner national holiday
Seeing this on my phone, I couldn’t resist saving it.

Tuesday April 28th 2015, 7:17 pm
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(Apr 18) I am continually asked why I am doing this. It is hard to explain.

this stirs up memories of how f. scott fitzgerald described manhattan
When you enter the city by car on the Long Island Expressway,

the skyscrapers poke up past the roadbed
you rise as you approach Manhattan,

after paying a shakedown fee
Then you go down under the river

it continues to escape me
I’m still trying to get the perfect shot down here

maybe someday, sometime.
I don’t get many opportunities, due to expense and infrequent auto travel into Manhattan.

my skills are not
I think the ubercamera is up to the task,

sssshhhhhaaaaakkkkkeeeeeey shake
for now, here is my simulation of an earthquake during a tunnel trip.

that's a $90 shirt

Thursday December 05th 2013, 11:10 pm
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(Oct 19) Long post. It’s December, and pseudoreal is stuck in a museum in Astoria in October.

movie editing machine
This reminds me of when I was an editor of my college newspaper

the force, defeated by common window glass
We keep Yoda in a glass prison for our amusement

remember blade runner?
This would all be computer generated today

but it doesn't project the same image (get it?)
Don’t get me wrong, I like our new digital stuff

true tubes
But there’s something both elegant and real about these machines

as seen everywhere as the representative of old-timey teevees
A classic

this my friend, is a collection of serious shit
This stuff must have cost a fortune when it was new

this stuff, from way before my parents time, somehow reminds me of my own childhood
I don’t think I’ve shared this with any of my friends, let alone anyone else

i even had an 8mm projector
But I used to shoot movies as a child, and had a lot of photography equipment.

the colordaptor, noisy and dangerous!
This thing turned black and white TV into color TV somehow


old old skewl vinyl
The non-silent movie projector

70's technology!
This, boys and girls, ….

a what with what?
Is a Sony console TV with Betamax VCR.

Tuesday October 16th 2012, 4:46 am
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(Aug 1) A trip to see a client downtown. I walked back up Broadway as I have many times before, knowing this time, like the other times, would be different from any other time.

Seen passing through Jamaica Station… WTF.

probably not
They abbreviate all the bad things. Coincidence?

i've only photographed it a dozen times now
I need to find out what this is

a tower rises again
It’s still a surprise anything ever got started

up broadway
I set out after visiting a client, and passed through City Hall Park

i might have the wrong title/artist
Thomas Schütte
“Memorial for Unknown Artist”

that's a lot of ketchup

oh yes it is
Elmgreen & Dragset
“It’s Never Too Late to Say Sorry”

Plaques from a simpler time?

serpents strangling priests
Justin Matherly
“New Beaches”

federal plaza
I left the park, heading up Broadway….
Beverly Pepper
“Manhattan Sentinels”

on the other side of the plaza
One more sentinel