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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Sunday July 04th 2010, 12:57 am
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Sunday. (May 30) Where else would I be?

tunnel driving
We missed the turnoff for the Queensborough Bridge, and ended up going through the Midtown Tunnel after paying a delightfully outrageous toll.

one song band
“Apparently it’s all the same song.” – Pete

Wednesday June 16th 2010, 3:14 am
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I’m not feeling this like I used to, but I go because Pete wants to, and I need to escape every now and then.

lirr ronkonkoma station
I walk down here a lot, even when I don’t have a train to catch.
Among other things, I like to reassure myself I can escape suburbia.

speed limit? what speed limit?
The next day it was off to the park.

tavern on the bankruptcy
Failure of what was recently the most profitable restaurant in the United States.

buy our cd plz
They weren’t bad, if I recall correctly.

Unlike most days, it wasn’t crowded.

Thursday June 18th 2009, 12:04 pm
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(May 26-28) Leaving the Living Sculptures behind, unplanned visit to the data center, more evening errands..


The soon to be extinct payphone

Vitaliy toiling away at the Pilocenter

union st.
The tree-lined streets of Brooklyn

Thursday January 22nd 2009, 7:18 pm
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I’ve been out of the house twice this week, and yet there’s new photos…

marilyn monroe
Happy Inauguration Day, Mister President,…

subway musician
He seems to be here all the time, must be profitable.

thirsty kitty
Delilah helps herself

under surveillance
It’s not safe for mice in this apartment.

ryan, lindsay, sarah
Everyone in the room owns a Macbook except me.

Monday September 29th 2008, 5:05 am
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(September 7) I was determined to make it to the HOWL Festival this year. It was only a token appearance, but I made it.

write this down somewhere
Waiting for the F from Brooklyn to the East Village, I noticed we’ve got a higher grade of graffitti artist in the neighborhood

"Things the wait for a train inspires, for $200, Alex?"
Along with some random doodling

oh kay
You know you’re in the East Village when the local entertainment includes “Cannibal! The Musical”, and “Poultrygeist”

but at what price?
Free Fortunes!

where's my damn money?
Right about now, would be really good.

on the stage
Low Life

It’s very Tompkins Sq. Park, yes.

I'll bet he doesn't remember being there
He’s got a bad memory

the somethingorotherwithstrings
He plays it well, whatever it is.