p s e u d o r e a l

Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Monday November 10th 2003, 2:44 am

It is cold. 27 degrees at Islip MacArthur airport. It’s been getting frosty at night here and there. Not everything had succumbed as of this afternoon. The shasta daisies had endured.

shasta daisies

What will be out there tomorrow?

a shameful indulgence

This was perhaps not the best use of money. I’ve had it two weeks though, and I am still using it.

Thursday November 06th 2003, 9:31 pm

It is autumn, and the dogs must now take care not to lose their Kongs in the leaves.

For their part, the leaves have begun to change color and fall in earnest.

Although the Yucca still blooms,

And the chrysanthemum now come into their own,

Soon the trees will be barren.

PS: Many thanks to Daniel for help with the on-the-fly thumbnailer toys.