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Saturday November 03rd 2007, 4:32 pm

The original plan, as usual, was to go to the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, but as usual, that wasn’t to be. Wednesday morning involved wrapping up a nearly sleepless mess that began Sunday. The best I could do, was follow-through on plans to photograph a lit Empire State Building at dawn. Normally the ESB lights are turned off at midnight, but for Young Frankenstein on Broadway, it was left on overnight.

my halloween 'costume'
At long last, my nightmare was over.orange
Frau Blücher would approve. (cue whinny)

the light of dawn
The first sign of dawn was just before 6:45am.

The clouds clung to the darkness

Downtown sparkled in the sunrise

esb in front of clouds
Facing midtown, it was still pretty dark

Rising by the Manhattan Bridge

the colors!
The colors were striking

Another letter to someone. I see a lot of those here.

The sun continued to push its way up.

The light chased the darkness from the clouds.

In the west, you could barely see the orange lights anymore.

the day begins
Although the sun itself was yet to be visible from the bridge, it was time to go.

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