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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Sunday October 18th 2015, 12:45 am
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(Sep 18) And what have we got?

because they put it in the wrong spot
The only thing this has proved is that everyone’s driving less than the speed limit.

reporters watch us take buses
A LIRR derailment

sound the alarm, i finally made it into the city
In to Manhattan

and off to costco
Then back home, As Seen On TV

suburban anger
A protest on Long Island, don’t recall seeing this before

They don’t like Common Core

try again?
Despite having the monopod this time, these shots were worse than the last bunch.

Monday June 15th 2009, 5:00 am
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(May 26) I stepped out of the subway, looked around, and this is what I found.

Another protest

I got out in front of it

california prop 8 protest

gilbert baker banner
Yes You Can, No You Can’t

obama quote
Of course when he said those things, he wasn’t President of the USA.

fuck prop 8
That’s three now.

Friday November 28th 2008, 12:45 am
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(November 12 & 15) I don’t think there had been any “unorganized” protest marches in this city since my arrival, but during the week of November 12 there were two.

The first was at night, in midtown Manhattan.

street closed
It shut down Broadway.

Three days later, there was another, this one downtown.

It sort of shut down Broadway.

I couldn’t tell how big this one was.