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Sunday June 01st 2014, 7:23 pm

(May 21) As soon as I saw Prime Ave, I knew I was back in the old hood. I lost my mainframe virginity in that neighborhood.

i've been here before, many times
I didn’t recognize the area, just the sign

fountains are all full of dirty water, did you know?
We used to come here to de-stress from writing code, at lunchtime

"the world's war"
Always interesting to note WWI plaques always assumed there’d only be one world war

quiet, tranquil
It’s like a little oasis

a nice place to eat a sandwich
It’s surprising how much I don’t remember about the place

they weep
But the willows, those I remember

aviation's public enemy number one
This place is geesey

robber barony
These Long Island stone bridges are of a certain era

soon to be targeted for extermination
These are apparently an invasive species

hecksher park
But now we’ve pretty much seen it all

dear park, have your people call my people and set that up
Time to go. Shall we do it again in another 25 years?

both buildings used to be painted robin's egg blue
And finally, we arrive at the place of my former employment. The data center was where “Elite Sports Performance” is now. You entered through the two-story building to the left.

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  • Ahh Hecksher Park. I haven’t been there in a few years. Looks mostly the same though. Timeless in a way really. I took some pics in the early 00s that I can’t locate at the moment…. 🙂

    • Yeah, some things have changed in that area, and some things are completely different. Brings back a lot of memories for me though, I worked in that neighborhood for about four years right out of college.

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