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Sunday June 30th 2013, 11:56 pm
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(Jun 19) Roosevelt Island is about to get a large dose of change. It’s going to be change they won’t like one bit. It’s inevitable though. Underscoring this, it’s a Bruce Ratner project now, who will co-own the buildings, which come with free land, courtesy of the city. I can’t help but think the city is poor at selling itself to have to give so much away to those who will directly profit from this initiative. The idea that anyone has gotten a piece of Roosevelt Island free just seems scandalous.

the one and only subway stop
Arrival. Deep underground.

hello, manhattan
It is a beautiful place, with a view of the east side.

currently in working order
Aside from the subway, and a bridge to Astoria, the tram is the only other way on and off the island.

goldwater hospital
And then on the other side of the tram bridge… you’re there already.

catch it before it's gone forever
Now you see it… soon you won’t.

chrysler building
A familiar sight

renwick smallpox hospital
The old, and falling down

chisel me here
The new and unfinished

cause of the biggest traffic jams in manhattan
The UN-United Nations

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Friday October 01st 2010, 1:00 am
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The first morning in my new place, I awoke thinking a plane hit the house. Less traumatically, that’s how I woke up for weeks from the house house shaking from vehicle collisions with the potholes outside my window.

shades of donnie darko
Those didn’t look like much even up close, but when the trucks rolled through them… oh boy.

Main Street, on an August early Friday evening

creek waterfowl
Some things are almost exactly as they were five years ago

formerly monaviza
Guess someone makes money from it