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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Wednesday March 30th 2016, 8:20 pm
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(Mar 08) I love photos of dogs in motion. I need to practice.

our yard is white trash chic
Once or twice a day, Romeo likes to run.

it's his only exercise
I may try to turn this one into a masthead image.

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Sunday February 03rd 2013, 1:09 am
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(Feb 3) Tonight I had the sensation of Billy being behind me. I haven’t felt that in a long time now; I think it has something to do with Romeo spending so much time where Billy used to spend his time. It is bittersweet realizing how many of Billy’s ways were just dog behavior.

it is stifling to be caught in time
I, like time, must move forward.

winky winky
Romeo knows