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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Monday December 16th 2013, 12:00 am
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(Nov 28) Everything is up in the air.

a refugee from mckim, meade, and white's pennsylvania station
The eagle hasn’t so much landed, as escaped

pilgrim state
This was once the country’s largest hospital (complex)

even if somewhere is nowhere
We’re all going somewhere. All of us.

it reveals little
This is a lot of power

out of the darkness
Thanksgiving moon

but still better than anything i've had before
Oh, how I need a better lens for this task.

Wednesday October 17th 2012, 12:26 am
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(Aug 1) The second half of my trip from downtown to Penn Station.

dog urinal
The suburban hydrants are all painted yellow. I like this better.

i love it not
Even the buildings want to be loved

birds are evil dinosaur progeny
How inviting

damaged, though
This undoubtedly is a Jim Power mosaic.

grace church
When these churches went up, they were probably the tallest things around. Today, they seem small indeed.

creepy, yo
Patriotism meets Halloween

this is what amazon.com eats
A relic that will doubtless soon be gone

get your super-expensive produce here!
Passing through the farmer’s market

it sure is shiny though
The statue of Andy Warhol for no apparent reason

no longer the tallest in the city though
Empire, revealed

city rats don't hang out and chill
What have we here?

i wonder who's behind it?
The hoax of the day

but it's cheap to feed
This faux rat probably ended the day stolen

Then back to the land of ‘meh’

Thursday September 04th 2008, 12:12 am
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(August 17) Since most of my visits to Central Park don’t involve leaving the street loops around it, I decided to look around the inside of the park a little.

what's that penned onto the ad?
If you’re paying attention, the sages of Brooklyn
have critiqued this ad for your sarcastic amusement

ha ha ha
It’s probably true

boobie fountain
Pulitzer Fountain

scourge of the south
General Sherman, not so beloved below the Mason-Dixon line.

it's made of stars
It lights up when someone stands in the doorway

but are there clowns?
Mini amusement park

There’s a large number of statues lining the path

the bard

Walter Scott

Robert Burns

Fitz Greene Halleck

look out for the gators!
The bayou of Central Park

row row row your boat...

pro greensward balloon

there's always people dancing here
Dancing in the park

I followed a path into what turned out to be The Ramble

is your path rocky?

at least there's no toll
Timothy Laupot bridge

compare and contrast
Only a few feet from Manhattan, I exited out onto the street

the donald is everywhere
Trump International (Hotel)

mta: meeting your expectations, every day
I was wondering how long would pass before I saw this on one of the new screens