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Sunday March 18th 2012, 1:36 am
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(Sep 8 ) Ran back to Cordwood Landing Park one last time for twilight photos.

The portal within the park

moar blue

blue is blue
The water crashing onto the beach always reminds me of Billy now. It frightened him as a puppy.

I like the blue shots more than these
Blurry ferns suggest it was breezy

Even though these are more realistic
I confused an earlier photo with this one. This is the one where you couldn’t see the people fishing.

Thursday January 19th 2012, 6:45 pm
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(Aug 29) The never-ending August continues. Having gone right from the house to Cedar Beach, I next went left to Cordwood Landing County Park. It is a strange place with a path that’s hard to follow. Is this tl;dv; ? (view) I took around 300 photos, so I’m only posting about a sixth of them. Five pages to click through.

all hail the politicians
As so often we do, our journey begins with a sign.

not moar

much moar
Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly what the difference is.

improvised delineation
Additional guidance provided by the sawhorse.

revenuers stay away from mah still!
No, that’s not the clubhouse in the park.

golden treetop
It already feels like it gets dark early.

less wowee
Again, Exhibit A

the colors, the colors
Exhibit B. I think I like B better.

what's that up ahead?
We continue our journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of

the edge
The Long Island Sound

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Tuesday January 10th 2012, 6:26 pm
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(Aug 23) It is still August on this photoblog (forever?).

I start again, down Harbor Beach Road.

mt. sinai harbor
The harbor in Harbor Beach Road

sea grass
Telltale signs water is near

the source of the shit in the area
One of the many birds in the area.

big sky
There are a variety of different “views” here.

The temple of rollerblading
Where it all began. I learned and scraped here.

toward port jefferson
Looking west

toward connecticut
Looking north

toward miller place
Looking east

mt. sinai
From the pier

cedar beach
The beach in Harbor Beach Rd.

On the water

I’ve been trying to get a bee in flight forever.

the winged rat
I’ve never seen anyone actually sitting here.

In all these years, I’ve never been on this path before.

mine's better!
It’s just like this one!

they're not allowed anywhere
Yet one more place nature is prohibited from nature.

Someone perhaps didn’t get the memo

This place is in many ways the opposite of the WTC

harbor beach rd
And then back out toward home.

I like how this looked from the street

Friday September 10th 2010, 12:18 am
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Even going on estimates with Pete beats spending all day in my little room. As does cleaning out containers.

say "cheese!"
For sale. Contents of two containers. About 1000 LP albums. Inquire Within.

Seagull dinner

it's a nice view, but...
Viza bait.

you probably can't afford to live here
This will be the new default image for Benevolence Reloaded