p s e u d o r e a l

Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Wednesday November 25th 2015, 7:56 pm

(Nov 18) Second day. The launch events were a success.


Day two began with meditation

the fruits of the labors of many
And now it must fly

yay subway ads

how trendy
The Museum of Feels

Tuesday November 24th 2015, 8:44 am

(Nov 17) I was at the everup launch.

footprints of telephone kiosks
Do you recognize these?

in this area, that's normal
Lots of noise, little progress.

these must have cost a few bucks
Apparently he takes the train from Ronkonkoma.

we had an office on rector st.
Back in my Wall Street ‘hood.

no. 1 broadway
Here, it begins.

Everup has launched!

it's nice to gaze upon you again
Hello, old friend.

Monday November 23rd 2015, 12:00 am

(Nov 12) For a second time in less than three weeks, I’m working somewhere new. This is a good thing, and a bit unexpected.

it'll be halloween again in only 11 months!
The hardest part of decorating is putting it all away

not a real turtle
In the city, you personalize where you can.

oh, art!
Bait for people with more money than brains

Sunday November 22nd 2015, 5:10 pm

(Nov 7) November is significant in pseudoreal because it is the month I moved to Brooklyn, it is the month I left Brooklyn, and it was the time of the end for Billy. I have still not returned. I will not return in November 2015. But I will return. In 2016. I can feel it.

thanks, cloud
How could this be an 8 hour job, right?

I should have cropped this, right?
For some reason this scene reminded me of this.

this is a little over the top though
I expected to get bit, involving myself in a dog/cat attack.

no margin of error
The things I do to keep a stinky dog alive.

it's time for crème brûlée
I bought a mini-torch. This can only mean one thing.

Monday October 26th 2015, 11:58 pm

(Oct 26) Thirteen posts.

endlessly and noisily
They are endlessly doing nothing here

closed is open
Perhaps the new management will turn off the OPEN sign when they are closed.

Halloween is very near now