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Better Than Real Because It's Not.

Sunday January 10th 2016, 1:21 am

(Jan 7) Another new year. It resembles nothing so much as the end of last year.

my bed is romeo's new favorite place to be
It is a rare thing now for me to sleep alone. I have both of them at least half the week.

but he usually prefers the bed
Atlas has tended to lie down next to me, wherever I happen to be.

don't let him fool you, he's a troublemaker
I didn’t arrange the comforter, he did that himself.

Thursday December 31st 2015, 11:30 pm

(Dec 31) Another year gone by in limbo; but I sort of have a plan, and it has been working, so here’s to 2016. 2015 will be remembered as the year things started to turn around.

There has been a spark.

Thursday December 24th 2015, 1:14 am

(Dec 22) I’ve been having health problems. As a result, December has gone by and nothing much has happened. December is usually slow, but the warm weather means things are actually still moving along around here.

not a nineeleven sticker
I was in the city to attend a business party

no, really, really loves it
Apparently someone in this neighborhood really loves weed.

i think it's the red
I have a feeling nobody but me likes this one

my memory isn't what it used to be
I don’t remember Wall St. having a tree. Is that new?

Thursday December 17th 2015, 12:28 am

(Dec 16) This is very symbolic of the problems I’m going to run into when it comes time to leave. Presuming that happens on my schedule and not someone else’s.

I need my own future.

Thursday December 10th 2015, 1:27 am

(Nov 28) Things had been looking up. How quickly things turn to crap.

on the way up
I left for upstate on a positive note.

near death experience
Second time on the LIRR I thought I might be dying. Two weeks later, I’m still sick.

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