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Sunday December 15th 2013, 8:28 pm

(Nov 7) Some of the earliest posts here got accidentally lost, but at this point, p s e u d o r e a l crossed the decade line some time ago. The template used here and some points of site style bear the distinct marks of 2003. Late 2003 had the feeling of impending change. Late 2013 feels much the same to me. Not quite as much, but it’s there. I don’t think this site is going to change much. It’s part chronicle, part hobby, part excuse, and finally, though there’s probably not much here that qualifies as art, as a whole, the site is at some level, a long-running art project.

one peen plaza
I visited the infamous phallically named rat hole where a glorious train station used to be.

pre-gin on the rocks
We got the first snow of the season

socrates gave it two thumbs down
Is an early snow a sign of things to come?

we can hear you now

callejones sin salida
Life is full of these

i hate passing this place
Billy burned here.

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