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Sunday February 12th 2012, 3:22 pm

(Sep 2) The long tyranny of August led into a short September, whereupon I had to move, yet again. As I write this, in February, it appears I will be moving again before summer, and quite possibly soon. I really don’t know why I bother packing and unpacking anymore.

back here again
I made a point to catch sunset at the train station.

It’s times like this that the camera shines compared to all of my previous digital cameras.

that might explain why I'm back here again
I’ve noted that I seem to be seeking out overhead views. This is inevitably a problem since I don’t have access to many.

In a bit of luck…

return of the commuters
A train was arriving.

camera, please ignore bright lights
Its lights turned out to be overwhelmingly bright.

more likely I'm too much of a wannabe to know how
Perhaps you just can’t film an oncoming train in twilight.

the lights, they're so bright!
When it got closer than this, the lights overwhelmed the photos.

Someone waiting on the platform probably means that same train is going to roll back into the station westbound in few minutes.

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